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In this video on Canaries Health and Diseases of Canaries Sydney Bird Vet and Bird Specialist Dr Ross Perry launches , a website about caring for Canaries in sickness and health. will be including advice from Dr Ross Perry on many aspects of Canaries health including choosing a canary, buying canaries, canary and bird cages, canary food and diets for canaries, taming and calming canaries, pairing canaries, infectious diseases, chlamydophilosis, canary pox, megabacteria, coliform infections, pasteurellosis, canker, thrush, coccidiosis, worms, mites, lice, heavy metal poisoning, malnutrition, moulting, breeding, how to treat, health and wellness support.

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Dr Ross Perry is Australia’s and Sydney’s first Registered Bird Specialist (by examination in Caged Bird Health). There are now about 6 registered bird specialists in Australia, almost one for each State as well as many more bird vets some of whom are preparing to become registered as bird specialists!

Dr Ross Perry consults about Canaries Health issues and Canary Diseases by appointment at Cromer near Beacon Hill, Frenches Forest, Dee Why and many of the suburbs of Sydney’s North Shore and Northern Beaches. Ring 0419693279 or (612) 94014586 for an appointment for your consultation.

Also visit and remember to register your name and e-mail address in top right hand corner now to be kept up to date about improvements to

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Link to Canary Keeping for Beginners

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“Are You Killing Your Canaries..?”

“Discover my Simple PROVEN Canary Care Techniquesthat Avoid Your Pet Canaries Depression, Discomfort
& Death to Raise Delightful Happy & Healthy
Chirping Pet Canaries from Your Own Home”

Simple Tips & Tricks from Veteran Canary Owners So You Too Can Avoid the ‘Newbie’ Mistakes’ & Treat Your Delightful Canaries to the Correct Home, Food, Love and Care they Deserve

Dear New Canary Owner,

If you have ever heard the heavenly sound of a Canary you already know how delightful these colorful singing angels can be.Nothing compares to waking up to the cheerful chirp of your own canary songbirds.

…However, enjoying a canary’s lighthearted nature and euphoric sound is only a small part of canary care. Canaries need some special tender loving care.

A poorly kept habitat and the wrong foods can be DEADLY for canaries!So before investing in your first canary, a cage, or any food, toys and accessories, Let me show you exactly how to avoid the headaches and heartbreak of a sick or dying canary and give you the easy techniques to keep your canary SUPER HEALTHY, EXTREMELY HAPPY and living a long and ENERGETIC LIFE!

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Canary Lovers Guide To Preventing Your Canarys Overnight Death

Get Your Canary Lovers Guide  now

If You Can Spare 2 Minutes Per Day, Then You Can DRAMATICALLY Increase Your Canary’s Ability To Fight Off Sickness And Stay Healthy.

Why most canary owners, and even canary breeders, are taking the wrong approach…

Keeping a pet canary in the home is nothing new. The problem is, up until now, most people have been taking the wrong approach.

1) Owners of HEALTHY Canaries are taking the wrong approach!Waiting until your bird gets sick could be a death sentence for your canary. Take action now, while your pet is healthy, and keep him that way. No worries.

2) Owners of SICK Canaries are taking the wrong approach! Most people who find they have a sick canary on their hands do NOTHING. Why? Because they suspect that the illness is minor and that their bird will recover in a few days. BAD PLAN! Listen to me here, if you go to Vegas and roll the dice you’re almost certainly going to lose money. Don’t roll the dice with your canary’s life.

Get Your Canary Lovers Guide  now

Wouldn’t it be nice to have an experienced canary owner and breeder share everything he knows about keeping canaries healthy?

I began breeding canaries years ago and although I lost a few birds to illness that first year it didn’t deter me. I asked questions, I researched long boring avian disease manuals, I learned, and I grew in experience.

Problems with my flock decreased dramatically year by year until a fulfilling success was attained.

Then I began sharing my experiences with others. I participated in forums for canary breeders, chat rooms, personal emails, website visitors, and my knowledge of canary-keeping just grew and grew.

In fact, as I sit writing this article, my “office canary” is fluttering around his cage behind me and singing boisterously. He is healthy and strong and I intend to keep him that way for many years to come.

And now all the knowledge I use to keep that canary healthy and happy is at your fingertips.

Here are 5 reasons why you should provide high quality care for your canary…

1. LONG LIFE. While many canaries end their life within a year or two, canaries that are given “Trump” style care can live as long as 20 years.

2. JOYOUS SINGING. A strong and fit canary will enjoy his day providing you with natures beautiful music.

3. BONDING. Canaries are generally very cautious of people. They don’t like to get too close. But a canary with a healthy body and a healthy mind has more confidence and is more likely to want to bond with his owner.

4. SAVE MONEY. A canary that is NOT provided the simple things lined out in this system may develop recurring illnesses that require a veterinarian’s attention over and over againHave you seen what vets charge lately?

5. INTERIOR DESIGN. A fit canary is beautiful to look at and has a healthy sheen to his feathers. This not only adds beauty to your home but brings appreciation of the world around you. An unfit canary may look dull and ragged.

Get Your Canary Lovers Guide  now

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Grief Of Pet Loss Recovery

Recover From The Grief Of Pet Loss

How To Emotionally Cope With The Death Or Loss Of A Pet.

Click here to get help now!

All pet lovers have to face the death of their pets, sooner or later.

Other people don’t understand what it’s like. They may think that ” it’s just a canary”,  ”you can buy another canary for $10″, “it’s just a dog,” “only a cat,” or “just a rabbit.” But you and I know that the pain of loss that we feel is very deep and very real.

You see, it’s not only the loss through the death of your animal…but also the losses of companionship, comfort, security and love…that cause your pain.

Robin Jean Brown faced that journey when her beloved companion animal died in April 2005 after a long, painful ordeal with brain cancer.

An Easy To Follow Guide
That Will Show You
Exactly What To Do To Cope

Robin’s ebook will take you by the hand and lead you through all five stages of grief. How to ROAR: Pet Loss Grief Recovery is not something that’s passive, where you just read about other people.

Instead you’ll find exercises and self-help activities that will help you work through your pain. Every chapter has Journaling Questions that will validate the sorrow that you’re feeling, as Robin leads you to create your own unique story of you and your beloved pet.

Robin is a kind, understanding person, because she’s been through the sadness herself of losing a pet who she considered to be her closest friend in the world.

Many people don’t understand this truth: “Grief is like a raging river. In order to get to the other side, you must swim through it. And if you avoid swimming through, you’ll never get to other side.”

Many People Harm Themselves
By Suppressing Their Grief.
Due To These 14 Myths…

Click here to get help now!

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Link to Animal Communication Home Study Course

Introducing Animal Communication Home Study Course

Everyone who loves/works with animals can learn to talk with them! Unique Home Study Course includes audios, workbook & transcripts of the Classes plus 2 special bonuses, including rare interview with Penelope Smith.

Click here now to get your Animal Communication Home Study Course

The Secret of How to Become Your Own Dr. Doolittle Exposed – An Introduction to Animal Communication Quick Start Home Study Course


Your 1st Step in The Val Heart Method™ of Learning Animal Communication — Introducing Animal Communication Home Study Course

Learn How To Talk With Animals Yourself… It’s easy!

Dear Fellow Animal Lover,

Learning animal communication is an exciting journey into the Self, the nature and reality of our world, a behind the scenes look at the many complex interconnections between us all, and the real truth about relationships.  It’s also about discovering how to connect at deeper levels with other beings… more importantly your animals.

My hope is that my Introductory Animal Communication Home Study Course will show you the simple path into understanding your relationship with your animal friends.

Click here now to get your Animal Communication Home Study Course

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Canary Care Match Making Single Canaries 140610 via Sydney’s Holistic Vet and Avian Vet Specialist Dr Ross Perry show you scenes of Narrabeen Beach and Lagoon on Sydney’s Northern Beaches while informing you of some of many of the needs of single caged canaries and other birds. Dr Ross Perry advises that Dis—Ease and unfulfilled needs, be they physical space to exercise, protection from predators and poisons and various bird hazards, dietary imbalances, irregular photoperiod and lack of direct sunlight, and emotional and sexual  dis—ease all contribute to disease e.g.Randy Bird Syndrome.

Dr Ross Perry has written extensively on Randy Bird Syndrome and emphasises that it involves much more than your canary having or wanting surrogate sex when deprived of the opportunity of living with and celebrating life with a compatible companion of the same species and opposite sex. It is now time for Dr Ross Perry and you to spread the good news about Canary Care. Going are the days when it was considered normal and OK to confine single canaries to tiny gaol house cages alone for life without a thought beyond giving them some food and water!

You can now order his book “Caring for Birds with Love and Gratitude” one of Dr Ross Perry’s website where you will access lots more about caring for other pets including caged and aviary birds.

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Canary Care Organic Caterpillars for Canaries

One of the best ways we can learn about canary care and improving the ways we care for canaries is to learn about what happens in nature and what free flying birds eat. Given the opportunity, Canaries from time to time, especially during the breeding and moulting seasons, enjoy supplementing their diets with organic insects such as aphids and small non-hairy non-toxic caterpillars.

In this video clip via Australian Avian Vet Specialist Dr Ross Perry informs you about offering your pet canaries and other birds Organic Broccoli and small organically grown green caterpillars of the White Cabbage Butterfly as treats along with a little of a lot of other green vegetables herbs and grasses for supporting health and well-being.

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Canary Care Canary Diets, Canary Food & Feeding Canaries

Canary Food and other Bird food and feeding caged birds with Dr Ross Perry 140610 via Sydney Avian Vet Specialist Dr Ross Perry shares important points about canary bird food and feeding canaries and other caged birds. In Dr Ross Perry’s experience and opinion most pet canaries and other caged birds suffer malnutrition from unbalanced diets and many develop increased susceptibility to disease and obesity from being offered too much food and too little space in which to exercise. Dr Ross Perry aspires to help and work with you to improve your canary care and the quality of life and health of caged and wild birds around the world.

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In the next video clip about Canary Care Dr Ross Perry discusses:

Canary Care is sharing a little of a lot your organic vegetables fresh daily 210610 with Sydney Bird Vet Specialist Dr Ross Perry helps you learn about raising the  level of canary care improving and supporting your pet birds health and well-being while showing you Mark and Cheryl’s new organic vegetable garden. Most but not all vegetables are safe for canaries and other birds.

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Canary Care: Improving Bird Cages for Canaries

Improving bird cages with tips from Dr Ross Perry Sydney bird vet.

Canary Care is largely about addressing and providing for your canary’s needs, be they dietary emotional, sexual,or physical. Traditional canary care might be described as inept or ignorant and involves confining poor canary to a tiny cage without a mate of its own kind and opposite sex while being fed a grossly inadequate diet.  Improving your canary’s cage, or hopefully, your canaries’ cage, is a very important and major step towards building and supporting health and well-being  of your canary. with Dr Ross Perry brings you tips on improving your canary’s cage and other birds’ cages, and perhaps your friends’ bird cages as well. Most bird cages are a source of many health hazards. Dr Ross Perry aspires to help you improve the quality of canary care and the quality of life of other caged and wild birds around the world by encouraging you to share what you learn and where you have learnt it with your friends.

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Canary Care and Bird Cages with Dr Ross Perry asking “why?”!  140610

Owners of Pet Canaries need to know about Caring for Canaries and how to improve canary care so as to avoid many common mistakes that predispose many diseases of canaries. Dr Ross Perry feels we already  know most of  the  ”answers ” if we ask the appropriate questions clearly so that they are understood. Here, Dr Ross Perry asks “Why?”. Why would you expand your conscious knowledge of caring for Canaries if he also asked you “What?”, “How?”, “Where?” and “When?”!

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There are many aspects to Canaries Health issues that I plan to address in I am also in process of writing a textbook on Canaries Health and Diseases for vets and others interesting in caring for healthy canaries and treating sick canaries.

By way of  introduction, I, Dr Ross Perry graduated as a vet BVSc(Hons) from University of Sydney in 1972 and was registered as Australia’s first Bird Specialist  by examination in Caged and Aviary Bird Health in 1993 with FACVSc(Avian Health). I have written many articles and book chapters, as well as “Vade Mecum 2 Diseases of Birds” and “Caring for Birds with Love and Gratitude”. I served as Dial-A-Vet for 3.5 years on Sydney radio 2GB, and was featured many times on Animal Hospital, a television production by Channel 10.  One of my favourite childhood memories is of listening to canaries whistling in Lane Cove, Sydney every time I visited my grand parents. Canaries Health issues are among the most common that I am asked to treat and give advice about. My clinic is in Cromer, Sydney, Australia and I can be contacted via

In the Canaries Health and Diseases book I am writing and illustrating I will teach a lot about caring for and treating canaries. I will include lots of important advice about choosing and buying pet canaries, canary diets, canary cages, quarantine, canary toys, canary health hazards, poisonous plants and perches, moulting, wing clipping, taming canaries, calming canaries, handling canaries, holding canaries, restraining canaries, teaching canaries to whistle, introductions and match making, breeding canaries, hand-raising canaries, sick canaries, diarrhoea, respiratory diseases, infectious diseases, Psittacosis and Avian Chlamydophilosis (Chlamydia), bacterial infections in canaries such as coliform infections, Canary fungal infections including Megabacteria Associated Disease, yeast infections and thrush, protozoal infections such as Canker and Trichomoniasis, Coccidiosis, Worms, Mites including Scaly Face mite, scaly leg mite, air sac mite, tracheal mite, Cnemidocoptes, Sternostoma, and Lice. The book also details other diseases such as Cancer, Heavy Metal Poisoning, leg paralysis, sore eyes, feather plucking, feather picking, itchy skin and feather loss as well as injuries such as broken wings and broken legs. Leg band removal and related issues are included, as are sore feet, pododermatitis, bumblefoot, long nails, nail clipping. It shows you how to treat canaries, and how to tube feed them, how to give medicines by mouth and injection, dose rates for medicines, drugs, and dietary supplements and much more. Aspects of the above in less detail will be included in this website and there will be links to help you access much more detailed information.

I am very interested in an integrated or holistic approach to health and wellness as it applies to canaries, other birds and animals, and their custodians.

By registering your name and email address as soon as possible and logging in you will gain access to much more information and help about caring for canaries than you can access just by browsing this website. So register soon and help share what you learn with other canary owners and bird keepers so that together we improve the quality of life of caged canaries around the world.

In the meantime you can learn a lot at


Dr Ross Perry.

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